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Rubber Injection Molding


Our specialised Rubber Machinery Manufacturer and Rubber Injection Moulding Machine Series offers the very best features for optimised performance.




Each comes with its own specific features to aid the manufacturing process including:
  • Vertical/Horizontal or C frame type mould carriers with fifo or filo type injection systems
  • Option to process Silicone materials in either liquid or paste format
  • Injection transfer ( Hot and cold Plate) or Full cold runner systems
  • Ergonomic low bed design for easy access to production parts
  • Integrated vacuum systems to include vacuum chambers giving complete mould evacuation
  • Injection units from .5 to 6 liters as standard with option s of larger units on request
  • Clamping systems from 50 to to 1000 ton

Backed with extensive experience and product knowledge, we’re at the forefront of cutting edge machinery and technology and the go-to name for the polymer industry.

Our partners at Hydraulic Industries manufacture the very best, high quality, competitively priced injection moulding machines. We work with companies to help find the right machine at the right price, offering stand-out customer service to boot. From commission to installation and beyond, we provide the full package. We can even help custom-build the right machine for you. For the polymer industry, RonyMac is the only name you need.

Why Us?

Backed by years of experience in the polymer industry, we know the manufacturing process inside out. Our range of machinery offers the very best in design, performance and technology and we’re environmentally friendly too. Talk to us today to find your polymer manufacturing solution.


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