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Roll Mixing Mill

Rolls : Manufactured from chilled cast iron. Inside rolls are cooled by water or healed by steam.

Frames : System to prolong the lifetime of the pneumatic cylinder.

Bed : One piece construction of welded steel plate or cast iron provides maximum stability.




Laboratory Pressure Kneader

  • Small capacity could eliminate the waste of material.
  • Differential ratio 1.28 gives fast material blending speed.
  • All contacting surfaces are made by SUS316 to stand for acid and alkali.
  • With recorder to monitor the variation of the current and temperature during blending the material.
  • Separated locations of Emergency Stop Switch, and brake motor to provide complete safety protection.
  • Inverter control to find out the optimum unit let experiment more easy.
  • The 24-Hour counter with second as minimum unit let experiment more easy.


Modern designed steel cabinet with curved sliding front door. The front door is equipped with a large Plexiglas window and the control cabinet is recessed so that it is covered by the front door when opened. Laboratory presses from 20 to 80 MT platen closing force, with double set of heating and cooling platens as standard. Available with fully automatic platen insert cooling system, as well as many platen sizes and control options.

Each lab press includes:

  • Rigid 4-column press frames
  • Electric heating
  • Stainless steel platens
  • Full-color touch screen interfaces
  • Software proximity switches
  • Digital PID temperature controllers


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